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    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Frost on the pumpkin my ass...

    so, i think i may have mentioned a time or two how much i want to be a gardener. no, seriously, its really really important to me. anyway, i found a perfect little spot in our "city" backyard, not too sunny, not too shady, not too in the way of our occasional bacci games, and i turned the hand...because as I mentioned before, its a city backyard and they dont make barbie sized rototillers. so THAT was a back breaker, but i did it! ok, my cabana boy did it, i just held his beer. then, i went to the local nursery, er...i mean walmart, and bought some tiny little seedlings in the biodegradable cups and started on my quest for fresh vegatable and herb independance!! let me remind all three of you who actually read my blog, that i live in the desert, and keeping these tiny little plants alive in 100 degree heat was no easy task. it required several minutes every single day to tend them and water them and pull the two weeds that could actually grow in this heat. i am telling you, i WORKED at this garden. after about 8 weeks of this exhausting commitment, i began to get teeny tiny little tomatos and green peppers, two here, three there, and every chance I got, i would slice them up and dehydrate them, and put them in the awesome jars i bought at ikea for my pantry!! this was getting fun!! and i noticed as time went on the little veggies were getting bigger and bigger, and more of them were getting ripe at the same time!! YAY!! i might have to become one of those weird people who drag bags of home grown veggies to work and force them on everyone in the office if this keeps up!! it was all going so well...then on wednesday, the EIGHTH of october, with no notice at all, and a good two weeks ahead of schedule, the temperature dropped below freezing! i woke up, threw on my cabana boys slippers and RAN for my garden. as i ran around the corner of the house, i could see my garden come into focus, almost in slow motion...every single plant, drooping hopelessly, no longer bright vibrant green, but now dark, wilted, gasping, lifeless...frozen solid. dead. i just stood there, staring at the dozens of green tomatos clinging to the dead vines, and wondered "why? why? ohhh....why did they have to die so young, and green? and what the crap am i going to do with 25 pounds of green tomatos? no one at work will want these, no one at work usually wants the red ones when crazy gardeners share...but teeny tiny green tomatos?" what to do, what to do? so i jumped online and googled " green tomato recipes" and as it turns out, there are quite a few uses for unripe little gems!! and, to my relief, i am not the first gardener to have her whole crop die before they mature!! i am more than a little horrified, and definately disappointed, but as god is my witness i will garden again!!