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    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    hey, so its been awhile...lots of stuff going on around me. some of it good, some of it not so good. 2009 was a pretty tough year. no seriously, it was a really tough year. no drama...just real life crap. anyway, 2010 is here, and some of the 2009 stuff naturally carries over, but, all in all, i have to say, im pretty excited to see what it has to offer. i have a big case of spring fever, which for me is quite a thing...i love the snow and the winter, but this year, less snow and more winter, and well, im ready for some color. second generation baby #6 will be here in the spring, and i have garden plans, and were launching a brand new business!! yes, a start up company in a down were not crazy, just when you have lost so much, you dont have a lot to lose...makes you brave, or crazy, or whatever...makes you ACT. im breathing, moving, doing....anyway, this thing launches on april 19th, and its going to be wicked stay tuned, and when it launches, spread the link...until then, follow my tweets at odeegirl. this is a new decade, a new chapter, a new career, and a new me...