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    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    paps hits the sauce!!

    so....all of you who know me know that martha stewart is my idol, and i think i am a pretty good cook! some of you think i am a pretty good cook too, or at least you say so to my face!! so, i have been working on sauces lately, teriyaki sauce, sweet and sour sauce, peanut sauce. tonight it was barbeque sauce. being the "renew, reuse recycle" type of babe, i saved the store bought bottle, and put my new "hot and spicy made from scratch" babeque sauce in the bottle. we put the chicken and steaks on the grill and waited until they were cooked to perfection. i watched with excitement as my cabana boy cut off a slab of meat, slid it luxuriously through the sauce and pushed the delicacy home!! he chewed a few times, his eyes bugged out, he wrinkled his face into an unrecognizable shape, coughed a bit, tears welling in his eyes, grabbed the bottle, read the label and said "baby! dont ever buy this brand again!! it tastes like ass!!"
    (uncomfortable silence.................)
    he looked at the 14 year old, who had an "awwww...just when i was starting to really like having you around" look on his face. he looked at me. then i said " babe, i made the sauce from scratch". cabana boy turned red, started sweating, then started giggling, then started eating chicken like it was going out of style! moral of the story...tell your cabana boy that you made the sauce BEFORE he tastes it...would save alot of choking and giggling and uncomfortable silence!!

    Thursday, April 8, 2010


    its spring...time to make a lighter, fresher kind of dinner! Veggies for me, steak, chicken and shrimp for my boys!! Mmmmmm good, and NO leftovers!!