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    Sunday, November 9, 2008

    this is my cabana boy...

    meet christopher. he is my cabana boy. besides the fact that he is quite goodlooking, has a rocking body ( no, seriously, you should see him in my leopard print fur bell bottom pants , no shirt, black "guyliner" on his eyes, black nail polish, and a wig, with an electric guitar strapped across his body, rockin, i am telling you) and is funnier than me, these are the things he does every day that make me keep him around:
    *he makes me fresh coffee every single morning(starbucks of course!!)
    *he pours me a hot bubble bath and lays out my jammies every single night
    *he turns down the covers on my side of the bed every single night
    *he does ALL my laundry, and i never have to wonder if i will have something clean to wear,
    *he gets me fresh ice water and places it by my bedside dresser while i am in my bath each night
    *he gasses up my car and keeps it shiny clean without me ever having to say its time,
    *he pours me wine and meets me at the door with it if i even HINT that i have had a crappy day
    *he tells me i am pretty at LEAST once a day

    so, for all you guys who may read my blog, yes, he is making you look bad!! and if you give him any crap about it, i will personally kick your ass, because i think he is just about perfect just the way he is!!