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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009


    alright already!! all three of you that read my blog...i am back! i know its been a long time since my last post, but i just couldnt think of anything to write about. i dont know why, its never happened before. i just woke up one morning, and nothing. i kept trying think of something to say, but nothing ever came out. i even started a couple of times, but ended up deleting every word...and then i realized....the problem was even bigger than i thought. i had lost my edge. i wasnt funny anymore!! not one damn thing i tried to write was even remotely funny...and believe me, IM FUNNY!! what the crap? what should i do? should i rent a bunch of comedy dvd's? or go sit at the park and watch for people getting off the public transit busses to slip and fall on the icy sidewalks? or maybe i should just listen to my cabana boy for an hour or so...he's funny even when he isnt trying to would i go about getting my funny back? this is worse than i thought... what if i am never funny again? what if i have peaked at funniness and its all down hill from here...what if i was never funny to begin with and i just THOUGHT i was funny? what if sarah really IS the funniest person EVER, and i never was? CRAP!! this is really stressing me out, no wonder i am not funny anymore. stressed out isnt funny. stressed out is UN-FUNNY. stressed out sucks. i hate being stressed out, it stresses me out! buying shoes makes me feel a little less stressed out... actually, shoe shopping really improves my stress level. i have noticed that often, after a little shoe shopping, i feel quite stress free...jovial even! stress level not so much of a shoes=stress release=writers block gone==funny again!! i think i know what i need to do...da da da da da ahhhhhhh.....CHARGE!! (gone shoe shopping....)