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    Friday, August 21, 2009

    Gardening 101

    so, its the middle of august, and its supposed to be really hot, but we have been having some really autumnal weather...wet spring, superduper hot summer, then early fall. so i am wondering how this is all going to effect my garden. ( some of you may remember how i had my hopes and dreams of a martha stewart garden last year dashed by an early frost that killed ALL of my tomatos?...) i read somewhere that if you want a bumper tomato crop, you had to sort of parch the little plants in late july, throw them into survival mode, otherwise known as fruit bearing!! so i tried that, and voilah!! tons and tons of pretty little yellow flowers!! yay!! late summer fruint!! poor little vines can hardly hold their heads up!! but the peppers are what i am most excited about right now!! i planted "chocolate", yellow and red, and they are finally starting to show some promise!! LOOK!!

    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    Jack Turns 4!!

    well as dogs go , jacks a jewel!! today he turns 4 years old, so i made him some "pupcakes"!! needless to say, he loved them!! happy birthday jack!!

    Saturday, August 8, 2009

    Excuse me, do you have the time?

    so its been about 4 months since i last came here. so much has happened. for one thing, i no longer work!! that's right. i got a much needed vaca in the form of a layoff. who lays off their sales staff? only a complete moron, or the captain of the titanic!! ICE BERG!! DEAD AHEAD!! PON PON! PON PON! PON PON!! well, he ain't no sea captain...that's all i'm saying.

    on the upside, and believe me, there is so much more of an upside than anything else here, i am getting to spend my very first summer ever with christian, my 14 year old son!! we are having a ball. yep, i busy myself around the house until around NOON when he decides to get out of bed and join the living. then its on!! he is a GR8 kid, doesn't even complain when i make him follow me around hobby lobby for 2 hours. we have caught a few matinees, spent countless hours in the garden, and quite a few hours at Guitar Center. he has been mowing lawns for spending money, and has managed to collect 5 guitars!!

    oh, and speaking of my garden...i doubled the size of last years garden, and i think i may have to double it again next year!! (my dad rototilled the entire back yard one year for our garden...we all thought he was nuts, but i am starting to see how this can happen...) i only planted things that we would actually use, no rutabagas, or okra...just tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, rhubarb, carrots, sweet corn, pumpkins and sage, basil and mint! loving it so far! its so pretty, and very healthy. sure hope we don't get an early frost again this year.

    I just returned home from my beloved Portland. i was there for 4 days, and as luck would have it, we made it to the beautiful coast, spent the day at our families favorite spot, "hug point", building sand castles, collecting seashells, and splashing around in the sea. just a little bid of heaven! it was awesome getting to spend time with my 2 daughters, 2 brothers, and 4 second generation children that live far away, delaney, elliot, fisher and truman. wish they could all live here with me and my 5th one, bryar!!

    well, enough of this game of catch up for now...i will do better in the future. i am getting ready to launch a little online watch!! Jacqueline, you especially will enjoy my new venture, or should i say, miss katie will for sure!!