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    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    What the f.....

    aww crap, i did it again! how does so much time pass without me knowing it? a minute ago, i planted mint, basil and sage in my garden, went to the first festival of the season, and planned all these awesome things i would do this summer, which included but are not limited to: going to portland to see my beloved pacific ocean, (oh, and sarah, delaney, elliot and jake too) losing 20 pounds, getting a WICKED awesome sandal tan, and taking the baby (yes, the hairy 16 year old with a drivers license) someplace fun for a holiday. now its the next to last day of august, and the only thing accomplished is a pathetic little barely noticeable sandal tan....where does the time go? before i know it, there will be frost on the pumpkin, and little hooligans will be ringing my doorbell asking for candy!! good thing too, because as all of you who know me, know that my favorite season is the one thats just around the corner!!

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